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IDG Contributor Network: Twitter’s biggest problem: They’ve done too little about online abuse

President-elect Donald Trump has quite a presence on Twitter with over 18 million followers. He tweets, companies scurry under the rug. His supporters flock to retweet what he says, and the trolls who try to mock him are essentially lost in a haze of confusion. Say what you want about his political views, but he’s one of the few “successful” users on Twitter, perhaps even winning the election in 140-characters.

The rest of us out in the digital domain? While Trump has millions of followers, many Twitter users are content with a few hundred or a few thousand. When you tweet, a stalker-type can easily invade your stream and start harassing you all day long. It’s hard not to notice. You can report this, but there’s a void. You can block certain phrases, but the trolls will find workarounds.

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Why President Trump might be a boon for autonomous vehicles

DONALD TRUMP’S election has generated much uncertainty about the future of travel to America, but one group of travellers might have reason to celebrate: those who hope to ride in driverless cars.

The Obama administration hasn’t exactly cracked down on this emerging technology. The 15-point guidelines released in September by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which cover everything from data protection to allowing a sober person to take control of the vehicle in the event of a malfunction, are voluntary for now, although the agency does plan to formalise them soon. But under Mr Trump, regulation of autonomous vehicles could be far more laissez-faire—or even actively supportive.

The first clues come from his early appointments. Most notable is Elaine Chao, the former secretary of labour under George W Bush (and wife of Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell) whom Mr Trump has tapped to become secretary of transportation. Ms Chao…Continue reading

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Germany Could Ding Facebook for Fake News

The frenzied 2016 election cycle mercifully is over, but Facebook’s fake news problem isn’t going away. The company may face steep fines in Germany if it fails to address it satisfactorily. A bill slated for consideration next year would establish fines of up to $500,000 euros per day for each day that a fake news story persisted after notification of its falsehood was provided.

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Why would anyone use Digital Crown on an iPhone?

There are claims Apple is considering bringing the Digital Crown over from the Apple Watch to the iPhone, but why does this plan make any sense?

Contrasting philosophies

Patently Apple has identified a couple of Apple patents that suggest bringing a Digital Crown-style controller to the iPhone. I can see why it may be useful to some people, but is it really necessary? Has Apple really reached a point at which it confused “nice to have” with “essential to use”? They are not the same things and combining them is a conflict of design philosophies.

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What 2017 has in store for cybersecurity

There is much uncertainty surrounding the security industry for 2017, and according to experts in the field, a lot of the trepidation is directly connected to what the nation’s next president will do.

Here’s what security vendors and analysts are predicting for the year ahead.

John B Wood, CEO of Telos Corporation, cites a need for cooperation between the government and the private sector. President-elect Donald Trump took a break from his “thank you” tour to meet with tech executives to smooth over a contentious time between the two sides during his campaign.

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