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OK then, MOSTLY fine

Flashback to January 1999, when this IT pilot fish is hired by a small software company with a very specific customer base — and no Y2k concerns.”They developed software to manage all aspects of medical offices: billing, appointment book, patient n…

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Programmer pilot fish is asked to work up a system for moving groups of data files from one remote site to another — but with some finicky requirements that make conventional approaches like FTP impractical.”After a few months, I came up with a sol…

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Pulp…er, help fiction

Pilot fish gets bored with writing documentation for this computer-aided design software vendor, so he volunteers for the team working on a new product.”There were a dozen developers and me,” says fish. “My job was to build and write the help system…

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NOW we can help you!

Software developer pilot fish works from home, which means he depends heavily on the VPN connection to his home office.”I was having issues with my DSL, so I rebooted the modem,” says fish. “No change, so I fired up Wireshark and saw the problem: to…

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CW@50: Sharky’s greatest hits

Editor’s note: For almost two decades, Computerworld’s Shark Tank has been there for you, five days a week. For many IT professionals, it’s a quick escape that often brings a smile, frequently of the rueful variety.

If you aren’t receiving it in your inbox, you can find it here, and in case you ever have any of that elusive commodity known as downtime, you can dive into the thousands of  dispatches from “pilot fish” in the Sharkives. As part of Computerworld’s ongoing celebration of its 50th anniversary, we’ve done our own deep dive and surfaced with these gems.

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Training aid

Flashback to 2001: This IT project’s development database suddenly crashes and burns, and no one can log in, reports a pilot fish on the team.”We kept getting errors about insufficient privileges,” fish says. “I went over to the project’s senior DBA…

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What’s in a name?

IT pilot fish is on the payroll of this consulting firm, where the standard terms for a consultant who’s not on a project are “on the beach” or “beached.”But that doesn’t mean they’re actually at the seashore. “There was an expectation that we would…

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Company hires a new senior-level employee away from its biggest competitor, and that would be big news — except the company doesn’t want it to be news just yet, says the IT pilot fish responsible for onboarding the new hire on the QT.”The instructi…

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