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A Window Into the Linux Desktop

“What can it do that Windows can’t?” That is the first question many people ask when considering Linux for their desktop. While the open source philosophy that underpins Linux is a good enough draw for some, others want to know just how different its look, feel and functionality can get. To a degree, that depends on whether you choose a desktop environment or a window manager.

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IDG Contributor Network: When pure play isn’t: Mirantis releases Kubernetes distro

The vast majority of readers will know the Mirantis story. Lots of drama, the center of many an internet storm, intrigue and a singular focus on making OpenStack really break out and be a thing. Well much of that remains, but much doesn’t. Mirantis’ image as the bad-boy Russian tech company has changed since they consciously decided to move away from the Russian thing. They still no doubt party hard, but they’re no longer purely focused on OpenStack. (Oh, and one other thing has changed, and that is the departure of one of the better tech communications execs out there, Sarah Bennett, y’all should hire her, she’s ace.)

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